BT3000 and BT3100 Parts & Accessories

I purchased my first Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw in late '91 or early '92. When I finally made the decision to purchase the BT3000 they were sold out with no definite date as to when more would be back in stock.
I purchased the display model and did not receive the operator's manual or blade wrenches etc. The saw was extremely accurate when it was new but over time that faded slightly with normal everyday use. Being I didn't have the operator's manual with alignment instructions I came up with my own methods of aligning the saw that have worked well for me over the years. These methods are simple, easy, quick and require no special jigs or tools other than what is probably in your shop now. Below are the methods I've used for years.
Not a complete list yet but I'll update it when time permits.

Using these methods I'm able to align my saw within a few thousandths of an inch per 6 foot cut.

Blade Alignment
Regardless of the quality of the blade all blades have some amount of runout. Even if the blade is perfectly true the mounting surface on the arbor or the flange washers can cause it to have some runout.
This is a simple method I use to find the truest portion of the blade for aligning everything else to the blade.

Left Miter Table Installation
I consider the original mounting method and hardware supplied with the Miter Slot Table to be marginal at best.
After aligning the Left Miter Table to the blade I use it as a reference point for quickly aligning everything else
I want it securely mounted so it will stay in place once it has been aligned to the blade.
The additional hardware required for this is also included in the Right Side Miter Table Mounting Hardware Kit.

Left Miter Table Alignment
This is a simple method I use to align the Left Miter Table to the blade. After aligning it can then be used as a reference point for quickly aligning things such as the Sliding Miter Table, Rip Fence and the Right Miter Table.

Right Side Miter Table Mounting Kit
A simple mounting kit of my design for mounting a Miter Slot Table on the right side of the main saw table.
This kit can be used to mount a second Miter Slot Table so the saw has miter slots on both sides of the blade. Or with a single Miter Slot Table to retain the original distance between the Sliding Miter Table and the blade.

My Simple BT3000 Shim Fix
A very simple and near permanent shim fix that has lasted for more than ten years now. I like simple solutions.

PDF Operators and Parts Manuals
BT3000 Operator's Manual
BT3000 Parts Manual
BT3100 Operator's Manual
BT3100 Parts Manual