Right Side Miter Table Mounting Hardware Kit
For RYOBI BT3000 / BT3100 - Sears Craftsman 22811 10" Table Saws

Would you like having the benefits of miter slots on your Ryobi BT3000 / BT3100 or Craftsman 22811
Table Saw while maintaining the original distance between the Sliding Miter Table and the blade?

Would you like to have miter slots on both sides of the blade with additional table top support?

Now You Can Have Either or Both with Just ONE Low Cost Mounting Hardware Kit.

This simple mounting hardware kit of my design is a much sought after solution of many BT3X00 owners that want to mount a miter table on the right side of the main saw table. It's simple, lightweight, easy to install with just a few tools in a short period of time and is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel.
This kit contains extra stainless hardware to securely mount the left miter table as securely as the right table.

All aluminum parts are sealed with Boeshield T-9® for added corrosion protection.

Click the image below for a larger view and more details.
 Two - Dual Slot Miter Tables
The image above demonstrates how the kit mounts a miter table on the right side of the saw.
Please Note: The Miter Tables shown are not included with the mounting hardware kit.

What It Does

It mounts a miter table on the right side of the main saw table whether using just one or using two miter tables.
This kit contains additional stainless steel hardware for Securely mounting the left side miter table as well.
The original mounting method and hardware that comes with the Miter Table is marginal at best.
The rear mounting bolt cannot be tightened enough to hold the miter table securely without distorting it.
With the additional hardware and instructions the left miter table can be installed as securely as the right table.
With the left miter table securely installed and aligned with the blade it can then be used as a reference point for quickly aligning the Sliding Miter Table, the Rip Fence and the Right Miter Table.

With two miter tables installed the table saw top is a minimum of 35" in width with everything pushed close together as seen above. With the accessory table moved to the far right it can be 40" plus in width with only a 5" space between the accessory table and the Right Side Miter Table.
Not only do two miter tables provide more working area for the table saw, the saw now looks more complete.
It also stiffens the saw and makes it more ridged with less flex accruing due to added material and weight.

What It Does NOT Do
It does not interfere with any other normal operation of the saw, the rip fence, the accessory table or the rails.
It does not mount to the rails, the rails can still be shifted back and forth from side to side the same as always.
It does not come with any miter tables, only the mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware are included.

This is the Mounting Hardware Kit Only.
The Miter Tables are NOT included.

Only $19.95 US
USPS Priority Shipping in the US is $3.95

More Will Be Available Soon

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