Left Miter Table Alignment

 Click for a Larger View With the blade at full height and the high and low spots of the blade in the vertical position place a straight edge against the left side of the blade making sure it does not come in contact with the teeth on the edges.
See the Blade Alignment page for the high and low spots of the blade.
Here I'm using a piece of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3/16" aluminum angle as a straight edge but anything that's good and straight will do.

For more accuracy I use a straight edge that's at least as long as the length of the miter table so I can measure at the far front and back ends of the miter table.

 Click for a Larger View Using a precision scale I measure from the straight edge to a good reference point on the miter table. It doesn't really matter which part of the miter table is used as a reference point. I use whatever part that happens to fall on or near a line on the scale.
I stand the scale on edge so the lines on the scale are closest to the surface of the miter table for a good accurate read.
Click the images for a larger view.

 Click for a Larger View With the straight edge in the same position I move it to the opposite end to take a measurement. I'm using the 15/16" and the 1-3/16" marks on the scale and splitting the difference between the two.
There will be a small gap between the Miter Slot Table and the main saw table on the front so I will tighten down the back of the Miter Slot Table first then make the adjustments on the front of the Miter Slot Table.
I tighten only the allen head screw in the back first. With the back tightened and the front snug I adjust the front and measure both ends again, making sure the straight edge is still in place against the blade.

With the Miter Slot Table adjusted I tighten all four bolts and check the measurements again.
I get the left Miter Slot Table aligned as good as possible because most everything else will be aligned from it,
such as the Sliding Miter Table and the right side Miter Slot Table.
Aligning the Sliding Miter Table after the left Miter Slot Table is aligned is quick and easy to do.
I use a thin steel rule the length of the Miter Slot Table as a thickness gauge between the two and push the Sliding Miter Table against it and lock it into position.
Anything of equal thickness the length of the tables or longer can be used for alignment.

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